540 /Catalog % ���� /DeviceRGB >> The Solo is also available in a variety of charging rates, a 22kW charging rate will require the premises to have a 3 phase electrical supply and does not include Auto Power Balancing. << (50 Hz). All versions are wi-fi-enabled, which allows over-the-air software updates for the life of the unit, and they can communicate with a smartphone app. R 0 obj ] /DeviceRGB This one charger can deliver from 3.7kW up to 22kW. The Pod Point Solo Charger- Commercial is a single vehicle charging charger designed for commercial purposes only. Charging time for a Hyundai KONA 64 kWh. Your Pod Point charger comes with a 3 year warranty with the option to extend to 5 years while ordering. Future proofing as electric vehicles change. R ] 0 /CS Equally as important, and often overlooked, is the decision about which home charging unit to buy.. We’ve prepared a report outlining the features offered by the leading five manufacturers so you can choose the best home ev charger for you. Pod Point Solo Single Phase S7-2C. Rejoignez 483656 conducteurs de voitures électriques ! 0 The Solo lets you charge at home faster than with a 3-pin plug. >> 0 /Outlines /Parent 4.0 rating. 0 (RPH). (RPH). 9 The 22kW solo charger requires a three-phase power and just like the 3.6kW and 7kW, the 22kW is prone to restriction from charging at its full capacity because of either your cable or your vehicle. 0 �}L��qo-�}8ن.��i���kE�sg0h��BK�|o�?���AfePJ����\i�X�ZB��W\YE¹zYXr�o��o��X��F��^.�N�Z�����w��|�"�V����,ƀ��ڔD��H*kٵbI4�":T����*�r����\:�T�c���~/�{�Ӝ���bx�I�B��O��R��!�3���54���C���¦�n��vh}Nr�L�]v�t�B� Morec Home EV Charging Station. Understand and optimise your EV energy usage. >> Moises Barea, sales director of Circontrol, commented: ‘Our strategy is always to develop products to meet customer requirements. The Solo Charger is available in a univers al socketed model only. I have a new 22kw generac generator and get a T1 battery charger disconnect on my generator screen. /MediaBox Fast, safe and smart.From £449 with the OLEV grant. Tekniset tiedot. R R >> /FlateDecode The Pod Point Solo Smart Charger-D omestic is a single-vehicle smart charger designed for domestic residential purposes only. 17 >> obj /Contents 16 8 1 2776872. PRODUCT FEATURES. Compatible with Pod Point’s load balancing system to reduce the total power required. Its smart enabled, load managed and compatible with every electric car on the market. Product features . No cable included. Note: Your cable or vehicle may restrict you from charging at the full 7kW charging rate. 780 /Annots obj Receive remote diagnostics from our support team in the unlikely event there's an issue with your charger. Below is a list of the best home EV chargers that are compatible with all electric vehicles in the UK. 7 22KW KeContact P30 c-Serie 22KW KeContact P30 Type 2 Socket (T2S) KeContact P30 b-Serie 22KW Keba - Espagne Schneider Electric - Espagne ZE READY 1.4 (obligatoire pour toute nouvelle installation*) FOURNISSEUR D'EQUIPEMENTS eNovates NEW MOTION Wallbox Home Fast T2S 22 kW, triphasé, 400 Vac, 32 A, avec obturateurs / New Motion - Espagne PODPOINT Wallbox Solo S11 S11-UC-2 11 kW, … R Provides up to 30 miles of range per hour. 0 Compatible with all plug-in-vehicles the solo is a single socket charger available in either 3.6kW, 7kW or 22kW format with a choice of a universal Type 2 socket or with a tethered Type 1 or 2 cable. The Solo Smart Charger is available in socketed or tethered model - with the tethered model coming in both Type 1 and Type 2 cabled variant s. The Solo is also available in a variety of charging rates, a 22kW charging rate will require the premises to have Provides up to 90 miles of range per hour. The Pod Point Solo Smart Charger-Domestic is a single-vehicle smart charger designed for domestic residential purposes. Unlock new features, get the latest software updates and receive remote support. 0 [ All rights reserved. [ 2 /Transparency We hold all the products in-stock and try our best to deliver direct to our customers within the fastest possible time-frame. Compliant with the highest international charging standards (IEC 61851, CE Certified). /CS /JavaScript 3.6kW, 7kW (single phase) or 22kW (three phase) speeds for two vehicles connected. Get new smart features that we release in future without having to buy a new charger. endobj << 1. 22kW Solo Charger. 540 obj Tolppa latausasemalle - Solo, yhdelle latausasemalle. 50 miles of range per hour (RPH) Compatible with all plug-in vehicles; Available with Universal Socket or Tethered Type 2 connector; Requires three phase power; Pod Point untethered - Does the Job. ����"RA���V�7[����*,�X��m��ڔ���VR�`Cv�J��lX�Q�3�`�n����!��xez�f�vI�`�����9z�o�{O$�m�Ԃ c���[�DW)a����L@]�_��%��y�0����!�6��\�tM�ٿ����M��`�k*�*�%�w��$��.D�sY���� �ǻ�L�YC�[��Q��\��'�����=�������T�đB�DSC��(�j6�ӥ���95ݢ�k���L�l���K����l�M�l��a��o�����]����Z� 2ԣ� �t;Hk���N�/��@?�ɮY�����1=7#T��c�P��޷Y Pa� obj obj << x��V�n1^�8gn�z��T±���A n�Vj%�P�6Jx.=r�-�>OE����n��nK�����g=���d����lἠ��F@!��F�t���Cq:tZ�H��F�:.P��g�ጜ���|� �P�c t�@�v�G�zh�!�&z�?o��mLQ�mn ���e�;^~}y~�}]��"0n�)F���ʅdK�UZ�M������7*V}T�M����.��CE��{m;o�'Rk�