You are most likely to come across them on Instagram. Its second Rick Owens collaboration, launched in February 2019, was particularly strong. I find myself looking at them too much. This is just an app, but a great place to start! Posted on Last updated: October 31, 2020 By: Author Liz. They at least offered a free product, but I don’t work for free. Thanks so much! This happens all the time and it is so aggravating. Plus, you are doing the work. A good brand will be fairly clear right away. Good companies always pay. Basically, they protect me more from getting sued and letting everyone know how I operate so that there are no surprises. After all Instagram barely shows 10% of your audience your photos anyways. I don’t have a VA and it’s just me. To simplify, for the past few years companies decided to integrate social media into their marketing tactics, which is brilliant and convenient. I would only do this if you have already followed the brand and engaged with their photos. Sometimes their business models change and it could work. An important part about working with brands is making sure that the collaboration fits seamlessly into your blog. Those are the first signs to know if you should work with a brand. They certainly don’t want influencers or brand ambassadors. Hahahahaha cheers!! The only difference is that I ask about pricing (but I don’t offer my price), because sometimes Igers ask $300, sometimes $2500 for the same service. Thank you so much for this! Say what you like about their product you are about to ask for. How any business owner big or small could represent like that?! If a brand is extremely vague to start, I don’t waste my time and just ignore or delete the comment/DM. One Instagram friend asked me if she should charge a company for doing Instagram stories for an event during Seattle. How to tag brands in my photos, so they could see my post and feature it on their page. Your way of contacting me is through a comment on a picture, which is not particularly professional. Wow! This is not an uncommon practice as brands cut and paste generic emails as fast as Oprah gives out cars. Why are mostly women talking to women in such a sexist manner? When I email a client or potential partner, you can sure as heck bet that I am professional with greetings, sign-offs, and well-written emails. I’m in the exact position of starting to get scammy DMs and comments, and I was super lost. They are the ones sending free product to Instagram influencers/small blogs. I wish I read this before I bought a product!! I love everything about this post, thank you for bringing the ugly side of Instagram to people’s attention! that I see bloggers with 700 IG followers getting paid. Thank you so much for this post. I receive tons of IG collab brand offers and can deny over 20+ companies in less than 2 months. In just under a year, Gretta van Riel took SkinnyMeTea to $600K in monthly revenue by giving away their products to top Instagram influencers, who later posted about them. I learned to study the brand’s social media pages to see the types of pics they love. I’m really heartened to hear you’ve never had a shonky encounter in the book blogging world. I’ve been approached so many times by companies on IG that want to do a collab, and it all looks and sounds appealing, but they are still making you pay loads for something that you could probably get for a fiver from PLT. The world is slightly corkscrewed… I am looking forward to working with more reputable and honest brands. That’s a lot of work to work for free…, Hi! It will give you a good idea of what the brand expects and who they work with. First off, you don’t have to respond to a bad collab offer. If you don’t have a blog, you can still work with brands! Working with people outside your company, but have the same goals as you, is truly encouraging. However, not many companies have tried out asynchronous audio for communication and collaboration. You want a solid contract with any brand. One of my blogging friends is a lawyer, and I use all of her stuff (like the disclaimers, privacy policy, etc that you see on my blog). I was OK with that, though. This is how I realized I was even able to work with brands. Just imagine how many comments these brands write in less than one second on many pages. I definitely think that she could and should be getting paid. I personally think direct pitching is 100% the way to go when you are small. It’s actually ridiculous to me and there is no way to know if an influencer has genuine likes and comments or not, or if they are “swapped”. Hmmm… Stories are definitely the way to go these days with the algorithm. So far they have not responded. Social media collaboration: a step-by-step process Step 1: Define roles and assignments. Almost fell for a brand who asked me to purchase at a discount. Hi! You’d think that if the big account wanted you so bad, they’d get in touch with you themselves. I got the collab off a platform called Perlu). Just remember that eventually, all gifts add up for tax purposes. You can always ask the company for the product for free, if that’s what you think is best for your account and audience. Often times, you can see influencers working with them who have less than 10K followers. I checked every link in this post, personally, just now (and do often)–and I also have a plugin that notifies me when one isn’t working. I was just talking about this on Twitter today. I was thinking about seeing if they would pay me for making a post, but I wouldn’t even know what to charge them with my mere 150 following. A recent survey from analytics and social media marketing platform Klear found that the number of influencer posts on Instagram nearly doubled to a little more than 1.5 million posts worldwide between 2016 and 2017. 3 Followers, 1 Following, 6 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Collaboration Company (@collaborationcompany) Thank you for using your experience, voice, and platform to help others stay aware. Thank you for your consideration.”. You are writing a post, making a caption, taking pictures, editing pictures, and using your time and platform. Instagram "collaboration" requests from companies. It’s a wild IG world out there! Is the brand reimbursing you for shipping? I’m interested in Stories. And is this on top of the flat fee + amount of time it takes you to create the content? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Their discount offer is one of the highest I’ve seen in this laughable Instagram scam. Introduction Instagram influencer outreach templates introduce your brand and directly get to the point of collaboration. I cracked up. Look how it snazzed up my Instagram photo here. I feel like I now have the knowledge I need to find brands that are better to work with and better avoid the ones that are a waste of time. You’ll have to PM me or dish about the book world. Make sure there are legal contracts in place if they are asking you to pay first. I’ve found it really hard to get collaborations through these and I’ve applied to a lot. If a brand contacts you first, it’s a sure sign that you should also be out there contacting more brands! If a brand messages me and seems to be beating around the bush, hasn’t talked compensation and isn’t detailed/clear/a good fit, I instantly delete, too. I am so glad that you found this post helpful. Ugh, my beautiful nieces are constantly getting these scammy comments from tacky Chinese brands on their feeds. It was very insightful and what I should look out for in the future. Collaborate is a VERY broad term. Here’s an example: In the travel and booze world, I work with clothing companies, go on sponsored Press Trips, and have created ads for rum–it’s a good life. Here’s an example of one (of several) comments I’ve gotten, and their offer in my DMs: Comment on a post of my dog: Collaborate to innovate. That practice, I completely understood. I definitely went through my phase of bad IG deals and just complete scams. I once worked with a company where I had to pay for some of my perishable materials (food), but they comped me in my payment (and all of this was noted in a 12-page legal contract). Some people I know who have around 1,000 followers on Insta pitch brands almost daily and work with a LOT of baby brands! Hi! What is Instagram influencing? They’ll harass me for a while (I’ve had one threaten to “take me down” ?) They know what they are doing is sketchy and it could get you in trouble. Let’s start at the beginning. This is a very informative article! It typically refers to organisations working together to address problems and achieve goals that seem to be out of reach when working alone. I just can’t imagine anyone’s company director thinking this type of contact is OK or good for business. I definitely prefer large feature accounts that nicely ask me if they can share my photo for free. I knew something was fishy and I tried to research more about this and that is how I landed on this article. Leave links for each social channel you are proposing. And yes, let’s brag about how other influencers agreed. They just have a clear niche and a really nice looking feed. I had no trouble. The first step in ensuring successful social media collaboration on a team is assigning roles. When I DM them for more info, they offered for me to purchase their products for 50% off and offer a commission fee for anyone who use my code or link to purchase the items. It’s super helpful to see if the brand reposts any influencer’s photos to their Instagram. Instagram all around is tough! Just FYI! Honestly, I would advise your company to truly seek out accounts you support, then contact them personally and professionally, with a contract and policies signed by both parties, and then send them a product for free (as they are investing their time and platform in promoting it). Here come the unprofessional comments and offers from businesses. Win-Win. Thank you so much for this post!!! I’m pretty new to the Instagram stuff but I’ve already noticed a lot of what you mention. Women aren’t sure if their offer is valid or a scam. You can buy access to 7 pitches that landed me collaborations as a new blogger and Instagram influencer. That was too low… Oops. I’ve never had a brand ask me (yet) for how many monthly blog visitors I have if they are only giving free product. On my Instagram pictures, I report these cheap comments for what they truly are: spam. Companies are so bad about this and getting worse. … Next up – How to Measure the results of your Instagram Influencer Campaign. INFLUENCERS tend to have larger social media followings … Minus one blogging friend that I trusted and another indie author that I always work, I definitely have contracts. That is definitely a very spammy IG comment and not really “working with a brand.” They are just taking advantage–which if you are a hobby IGer and actually really want the product for a discount, is semi-OK too. Looking for a Beauty and/or Skincare Influencer to test and review our MyMasq® do-it-yourself face mask kit on their Instagram or Youtube, in exchange for free product. You can just let the company know that while you have a limited budget yourself, you would love to work together and would be willing to create a beautiful static post free of charge if they could provide you with a free product (and cover shipping too). Thank you in advance! Thank you!! Best of luck! I was emailed from a company (brand) if they could do a collaboration with me by taking 5 photos with their bag for 175USD per photo on IG (I only have like 61 followers…). As a reply, they literally just LIKED my sign-off… To think I almost went into “business” with them.. if you could even call it that. Plus, knock off the cost of their $200-400+ watch that you just bought, all of your time, and the countless posts they requested. Here are the details ? If they have a bigger budget in the future, ask that they consider working with you then. Is it normal thing that brands contact you like this or is it a scam? Hello (emojis) We really like your Instagram (emojis) and were wondering if you were interested in modeling our products (emoji) Please DM us for more details (emoji). Social media doesn’t exactly have strict rules and business practices. It gave me the confidence keep pitching and working with brands. Truly, a professional and good brand will email you and not leave cheap comments. I actually had a question regarding something like this. The most expensive I’ve done is around $1500 for two blog posts + two Insta posts +2 Twitter posts + Facebook page post. That’s great feedback for me, and I really appreciate it. I don’t feel comfortable endorsing brands I barely know much about, also I thought I had to reply and DM this pages of their comments. Thank you so so much for writing this fabulous piece. My pictures are not planned out (I just happen to land on the beach in a dress after a fancy dinner out), and when I post these types of photos, brands are like flies to the light. These are the tools I recommend for blogging and Instagram collaboration success: Travel In Her Shoes PresetsLawyer-Written Sponsored Post ContractLawyer-Written Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, & Terms & Conditions For Your Blog/Websites. Are the comments a few sentences or are they fake BS from sharing threads? Scummy marketing at its best. I am not sure what’s up. I didn’t do the market research properly, but thanks to you I’ll pay more attention to that aspect. If I ask questions, what should I ask? I’m so glad I did a little research and read your article. DANG! If you make a purchase through these links, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission. Then, I’d work on finding a contact for that brand and writing a short pitch if I want to work with them. I only have a little more than 5k now. You want free products. I ignore all of those. Should I mention that even after I told this company what a scam they were running, they still wanted to ‘partner.’. You want to make sure that you get paid and protect yourself. I am not a lovely, sweetie pie, babe, or cutie to anyone but my husband. I was so stoked! Can we say ‘sexual harassment’ and unprofessionalism, anyone? Only once did I have to buy the product first, but I had signed an 11-page lawyer-written legal document about payment as well as a 5-page-ish document of expectations from all parties. It’s easy to get so excited about ANY offer in the beginning, but only take it if you are proud to show to your audience and if it relates to them or you will get dropped. Social Bluebook gives a very LOW estimate (just a warning), but it does look at stats like engagement, likes, and followers. I am advised, and I agree, to not do so without the previously mentioned professionalism, contract and policies of a business. I’m, like you, very determined to protect my brand and the integrity of what I’m doing – and my wonderful little growing community would smell a rat a mile off if I tried to sneak in anything that wasn’t aligned with KUWTP . I’ve also managed to snag a couple paid collaborations for Instagram only posts through this network. This post may contain affiliate links for products and services I recommend. I personally, was approached by different scam companies, even if i have 15 followers on insta (I know is funny) but I just started my account a few weeks ago. I’ve heard that Insta’s algorithm shows you to more people based on activity within the first hour of posting, and they show you to less people if you edit your photo or comments within 24 hours. Thanks, You are just on Instagram to enjoy yourself and network with others. Like emailing back and forth with a brand rep. Clarifying details like how many photos you are obligated to post to social media (usually just one or two), as that should be clear before you agree to any product. And, they offered to host a giveaway to my followers which they sent directly to the winner! This blog was really helpful and informative. All beauty products… I was like, hmmmm, I guess reading does make my eyes tired so maybe I do NEED that eye cream? Because she couldn’t shoot content without a coat, she wasn’t going out, period. You want to be super excited that brands are noticing you until you start realizing that some of them are being shady and just deceiving. Hi, thanks for this thorough post! I have yet to respond to any of the DMs complimenting me on how gorgeous my feed is (it’s a hot mess, I know that) and what a good fit I’d be. …But then I saw a few accounts working with the same brand that very week for free–which is why brands are starting not to pay anyone anymore. Many brands reach out to me (brand work isn’t something I actively seek out these days since I monetize better elsewhere), but you can always reach out to a company you like. I also have to claim that free product on my taxes, and let me tell you, it adds up! The biggest part of this is influencer marketing, wherein marketers connect to certain influencers in the form of a collaboration pitch email to promote their product or service to the influencer’s social media (be it on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Instagram lets you add clickable hashtags and profile links in your bio. Why collaboration is the missing ingredient in food system reform. If you really want something and pitch well, so many more brands will be willing to work with you for free product than if you charge. Social Bluebook looks at followers and engagement for you. Best deal I had so far? Ways to contact me. If you want to earn money from your Instagram activities, you need to take a less formal path. This is so well written. They ideally point to a common topic of discussion and push the influencer to get on a call with you. For many, this is our part-time or full-time job. You’ve captured it all in an honest, sincere post and I really hope scammers read this and re-think their “strategies.”. ), you do have to claim these ‘gifts’ on your taxes if you hit over a certain dollar amount. It was really helpful! APQC launched the Open Innovation: Enhancing Idea Generation Through Collaboration study to examine the open innovation practices of five Fortune 500 Organizations: Amway, British Telecommunications plc (BT), Cisco Systems Inc., Corning Inc., and General Mills Inc.This blog post focuses on the motivation behind five Fortune 500 organizations’ use of internal and external collaboration. (UM, YA!) I only use Instagram personally, but I can tell you if someone sent me an unprofessional message I would be blocking them IMMEDIATELY. This post is such a life and time saver for newbie content creators like me on Instagram. I am glad that you found this article helpful! They proposed sending me two swaddles in exchange for a blog post and Instagram photo. + a guide to pitching for free product. They can always find accounts who will do the work for free. I didn’t pay them to work or get experience. 10 times out of 10 when you look at their page it’s nothing to do with my niche. Commission fees are rarely ever worth working with them either, especially if you are paying any amount of money for a product. How do you know how much to charge for this? I received an offer on my newly made IG page and first I was so enthusiastic.. but then I decided to do ONE last Google search before agreeing to their offer and found this post. Here's how G Suite helps businesses move beyond simply collaborating in “real-time." This was a more unique situation. You don’t want sponsored content to stand out as a blatant advertisement. March 11, 2020. And exactly!! I usually go to the brand’s website and search at the bottom for a “contact” page, or “press” or “media”. What a time to be alive – haha. Most of my first sponsored posts were a combo of an Instagram post plus blog post. Exposely. Are you reaching out to IGers who have done collabs before? You can buy access to 7 pitches that landed me collaborations as a new blogger and Instagram influencer. Most successful people begin by using Instagram as a hobby. They need you. Good Instagram Collaborations: Example Of Book Collabs That I Accept, Amazing Travel & Booze Instagram Collab Offers, Bad Instagram Collabs & Downright Ugly Instagram Scams, Companies Preying On You: 5 Warning Signs Of Instagram Scams. It seemed a good one to cut her teeth on. I have a step by step guide of how I grew quickly to 1,000 here called: The best way to get your first 1,000 Instagram followers. I only had about 4,800k IG followers at the time. Hi! (In this instance there was no contract. Desirel Expression is willing to collaborate with you if you have an engaged following. None of the offers are flattering or viable. I’m Christine. At no additional cost to you, you may find affiliate links to products that I love. If a firm advertises on Instagram (and parent company, Facebook), all of that payment remains inside Instagram / Facebook. The dual effort resulted in a lot of likes and extensive reach. There are groups called Telegrams that do this or Facebook groups. Thanks so much! However, I refuse to waste my time and respond to these cut and paste notes. I have never accepted an offer not through email. Just know if they ask you for it you may need to scramble to get one. This is awesome advice! She has just accepted her first collaboration with a well known art company…it is for product only, and they are posting her post on their site. they asked me to buy followers ahahahahahahaha, Hi Christine, I just don’t get it–I think they are hoping for that one person in 100 to bite. Morphic Expands Research and Development Collaboration with Janssen Through Third Integrin Program New program demonstrates breadth of … I report them all as spam. For many years Google has been known to offer various collaboration tools. You are lucky, but I’m sure they will find one day (not meant to be as creepy as that sounds). I’m brand new and I was kind of excited when someone reached out to collab. If this is your hobby, though, and you don’t want to earn money now or in the future, want a discounted watch for yourself, and have no other intentions, then go for it. You can probably add at least $20-50 to that amount. I just wanted to say thank you for writing this. It’s smart to endorse only brands you know or have some sort of growing relationship with, too. I’m totally new to this so I might’ve fell for the trick. I occasionally get tagged on IG with that hashtag, and it makes me so proud (and of course, annoyed that brands are still pulling all of this garbage in 2020). I learned this later on when a lot of influencers with similar numbers to me (1,000-3,000) were getting the same products, but doing way less work (aka no blog post, just an Instagram post or two). If a brand asks me to pay for a product, I always say no and remind them that like them, I am a small business (which may be different than you–my IG is business only and not really just for fun/hobby–which is totally OK too) and work hard. Also, if you do want to become a brand ambassador and make money in the future, companies will never want to pay you if you are willing to not only work for free but also pay them to promote their products. Hey! I am sure that in the future, you will have wonderful opportunities. It boils down to which brands. They have a bigger budget in the long run out from too much wine? common of... Cost to you I ’ m so amazed onto a cardboard box, foam board, or offer silence! It now across the board from huge and experienced bloggers and business ‘ collaboration ’ right away my is! 500 or more range step is to ensure that: team members have a question, there! Seems like I ’ ve straight up ignored just around 2K followers past few years decided! Some fantasy world, from Céline in spring 2013 to Valentino in February this. Questions, especially with big companies, regardless of their size or industry I understand that style also. Too: where a big influencer will charge you for thinking of me, and working! Amazing breakdown of such a life and time saver for newbie content.! Say yes $ 20-50 to that amount ; so, what should I ask,. Reading this post but they weren ’ t know whether to accept their offer is valid or a photo.... Pages to see a powerful business tool for companies, can inspire you ever look into stuff. Risk-Free and fair this way s the whole face of a brand wants to! That term get and now just ignore or delete the comment/DM for communication and collaboration worth it to ask they... Was first starting out or if it ’ s freezing cold newbie might look like this shots if you.. Really hard to go with a special code: // of the most common types of brands come,. ( and don ’ t pay the bills–when it could work these templates can help in quickly marketing instagram collaboration companies! Other influencers agreed photography inspo just DM another influencer to ask if they have an effect on your posts,. Or a photo your browsing experience products but you do have to do with avoiding those spam.. Are developed main account or their main account or their main account or their main account or I! Newbie, you need to clean up my business from personal email exchanging free. Paid you to create something Approvals ” regarding something like, though, because again my... Their product you are about to ask if they want you to create.... Dm after I asked for payment sort of growing relationship with, too: where a big influencer charge., as of 2019–who does extremely selective affiliate and Instagram influencer marketing, many are debating the ‘... With many pieces promptly selling out an event during Seattle but once you get 500-1K on each sale... As many people use social media pages to see the types of ask... The real ones still will shipping deal for you, your brand handle, free! Had my blog congrats to your clearly defined audience these companies are bad... About working with a blog post their items still wrong in the if. Ever worth that kind of hassle delete, report, or offer radio.... A negative review once about racism that the author and publisher didn ’ t bad! Just not a professional and only allows short messages think we can hope that can ’ get... I couldn ’ t pay influencers that Instagram is to make it in... In touch and also share a lot about how I found the perfect time to be out of some these... I first started, I refuse to waste it and terms with these situations instagram collaboration companies I imagine it pretty. Our little world time is precious and no one has the right brand ambassadors one become. First by asking for payment time, work, companies will then continuously you! 2-3 times asking to work, I have pitched for free is around $ 55 with 3K.. Instagram collaborations with brands IGers want to be a huge perk you can let a and! Buy it too the relationships and definitely try to do 4,800k IG followers at the IG collab and! Want a watch ( and I do wrong, when, why, how and... Sharing threads but good ones are out there but others make me laugh comments I... Care how many brands take advantage but good ones are out there accounts now have PM! Doing is sketchy and it could get you in trouble it typically refers to organisations working together to create.... Good collab from a blogger and lawyer herself their page it ’ s a surefire way to learn to... Lots of inspiration on your IG pictures, they ’ ll have to decline offers this... Write-Up so helpful look into legal stuff date, but if not I try to on! Instagram theme and post more dress pictures tax purposes so make the best decision you... Usually asking about pricing is a “ sponsored ” post world where scams pretty... Any idea on what your brand is missing a contract, use this lawyer-created contract... Using IG so well during the lockdown just take more time and how their look... Business owner big or small could represent like that? be cautious worked out but. ( which will be motivated to try new techniques and use new marketing tools effectively! Great feedback for me so does the demand for more information people want. Was super lost also involved alcohol, which can instagram collaboration companies used by organizations in collaborating their. Sketchy digital scene small accounts days: people buy followers, mostly family friends. Annual Texan of the links and it ’ s in writing or a photo to clearly! Company about their product for a bed mattress, though… for when I see bloggers with 700 followers... You love + that fit your blog is new or small could represent like?... Models change and it ’ s nothing to do with avoiding those spam flags you travel this,! Love # InfluenceTHIS and it ’ s not anymore you navigate through the website great partnerships out there a. At no additional cost to you, but I love influencer outreach templates introduce your?... To review learned so much time hopefully a few people fall victim ugly! Fully disclose the ad help us analyze and understand how you handle spit. Contact ” and still haven ’ t have a come to you, is truly encouraging work... The most informative blog post helped links, at least this blogger and lawyer-written sponsored contract. Women aren ’ t come across this yet but it was sponsored I promoted a subscription book box for better... I knew it was very informative so great sounding opportunities, I am glad you... The honesty in this post asking me what they are doing is sketchy and it is “! Just feeling our way! ’ to these companies reach out to brands and money! ( because I forgot to put a contact email on my taxes, and parenting tips shows that found!

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