A bed-time story, a child’s dream, the little giant plays all around the buildings of Al Qasba with water, fire and colors. This international event is hosted every year in the city’s heritage area along the Sharjah corniche. Returning for its 10th consecutive year, the Sharjah Light Festival invites internationally renowned artists to celebrate science, creativity and heritage in a display of lights, colours and music at beloved landmarks. Opening Week Programme . What can investors, incubators, and accelerators from the ecosystem find at SharjahEF? Though it was my first visit to the festival, the experience was rich. Book a Show Family Theatre Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus Comedy Music / Music Theatre. 28 - MDS HIND. 26 Feb 2020 . Sharjah Mosque light up for Sharjah Light Festival at Sharjah University City on 5 FEB 2020 photo; Atiq Ur Rehman /Gulf News Each year, a new element is added to the light festival. Submit . What is the 2019 Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival? The ten-day festival attracts over half a million visitors, who gather from every corner of the emirate, the nation, and the world. SharjahEF will play host to Startup Town, which will be accepting entries from the region’s most impactful startups to showcase themselves at the festival, and also compete in SharjahEF’s Pitch Competition for a chance to win prizes totaling AED100,000. SEF 2020 Be The Hero. The Sharjah Department of Culture and Institute of Heritage organises this two-week event, which includes UNESCO World Heritage Day on April 18. February 11, 2020 12:44 PM. 307 likes. Highlight ... 19 September 2020 — 10 April 2021 Zarina Bhimji: Black Pocket. Therefore, we regret to inform you that the 4 th Sharjah Masters 2020 and the Sharjah Challengers 2020 on the 7 th of April will be postponed along with the agreements concerning the event, due to the Corona Virus case which has created a worldwide problem. For 2020, there are 19 shows in total, ranging from A Journey From Sharjah to America, to Light and Painting Emotions. They are like a long ride in a time machine, and one enjoys experiences which are good, bad and searing, that change your mind and heart forever. Sharjah International Fringe Festival, Sharjah. Sharjah Used Books Festival begins. Copyright © 2020 SEF. Championships Yearling Fillies Championship (Class 14) GOLD . Whether you're an entrepreneur or looking to take the leap, be a part of the region’s largest festival celebrating entrepreneurs. The annual Islamic Arts Festival began in 1998 under the supervision and organisation of the Directorate of Art in the Department of Culture and Information, with the intention of exhibiting various kinds of traditional and contemporary Islamic arts. 19.09.2020 – 10.04.2021. For journalists looking to tap into the most exciting stories coming out of the Middle East’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, they won’t have to look far when they are within the SharjahEF space. Watch & Jewellery. 25 - … Sharjah Book Festival 2020 attracted a lot of attraction from people across the country. The Fringe, as it is commonly known, will make its regional debut in Sharjah between Thursday, January 16 and Saturday, February 1, 2020. Sharjah Light Festival 2021. The event brings together key entrepreneurial ecosystem players, inspirational speakers, innovative startups, government leaders and budding entrepreneurs together to inspire, motivate and grow. © 2020 Sharjah International Book Fair All rights reserved. 10 years later, the Little Giant returns to remind us of the beauty of the first show. The Fireworks show continues for 15 minutes every day at 8:30 pm, excluding Monday 10th February 2020. All rights reserved, We share the secrets of the Fringe: what to watch, where to watch it, who to call and how to book your…, Thirty international artists will dazzle audiences with over 600 acrobatic, circus, magic, music, variety,…, There's something magical coming to Al Noor Island this season! It is the first children & youth film festival in the country and the region, and it is a project of FUNN, an organization established by Sharjah government (under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi, wife of His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah). This year, SharjahEF calls upon everyday heroes to solve the world's most pressing problems, as we begin the hard work of rebuilding our societies and economies post-Covid. Sharjah’s Top 10 Attractions. And, of course, they are encouraged to join the growing entrepreneurship community and think about how they too can make a difference. BRONZE . ... Sign up to our mailing list for updates from the Sharjah Fringe Festival. name email. The festival runs from February 5-15, 2020. The Expo Center Sharjah is the festival's new home. How to Fringe. This year, SEF 2020 calls upon everyday heroes to solve the world's most pressing problems, as webegin the hard work of rebuilding our societies and economies post-Covid. The Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival, held every November, is the fastest-growing entrepreneurship festival in the Middle East, helping put Sharjah on the map as a vibrant hub for entrepreneurs. Ready to see everything Sharjah has to offer? The Little Giant first visited Sharjah in 2011 to launch the very first Sharjah Light Festival. About Sharjah. Sharjah Light Festival 2020 10 Years of Light. 1 Festival - 2 Days - 3000 Attendees. Festivals and events like the Sharjah Biennial, Sharjah Heritage Days and Sharjah Light Festival are added to the cultural agenda of the city. SharjahEF shall provide youth at the event with an immersive experience into the world of entrepreneurship, where they’ll get to not only see and interact with innovators from the startup ecosystem, but also be treated to talks and workshops specifically catered toward them, where they can learn and understand the various facets of setting up and running a viable business. This is part of cultivating the entrepreneurial culture that is so vital to all entrepreneurship ecosystems, encouraging risk-taking, creativity, and critical thinking. We're bringing together the changemakers making an impact in their communities to celebrate our human interconnectedness and remind us of our shared destinies. Bronze sponsors. What can our younger community expect to find at SharjahEF? Festival Highlights. What does SharjahEF have planned for people in media? ABOUT SHARJAH LIGHT FESTIVAL. About Sharjah. Inaugurated in 2017, the festival seeks to inspire the next generation of founders, instilling the courage and confidence to dream big and take charge of the future. What can I expect to see at SharjahEF this year? Included in your entrance ticket to…, A new international Fringe festival – an exciting arts and entertainment event – has been born in Middle…. This is "Sharjah Light Festival 2020" by Nomada on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Sharjah is part of the United Arab Emirates, one of seven Emirates, which lies on the shores of the Arabian Gulf at the heart of the Middle East. With an aim to provide a curated view of both Sharjah’s and the wider region’s key entrepreneurship-related developments over the past year, the event’s motivational keynotes, knowledge-sharing panels, and interactive discussions and workshops will feature both regional and international leaders, experts, and decision makers from government, academia, technology, business, and other key sectors. Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival. The seventh edition of the used books festival has begun in Sharjah and it will offer avid readers one million reasons to buy books and quench their thirst for knowledge. Expo Centre Sharjah, established three-and-a-half decades ago is the first exhibition facility in the UAE and the region's leading trade exhibition venue and a financial landmark for the Emirate of Sharjah … This is considered to be a force majeure case, as per FIDE Regulations. The Sharjah Light Festival is returning for another edition next week. This year’s festival, organised by the Sharjah Department of Culture, is themed ‘prospect’ and will run from December 11 until January 21, 2020. Keep reading to discover what the Sharjah Light Festival 2020 has in store for its visitors this year. All Rights Reserved. Open from 7 March – 10 June 2019, Sharjah Biennial 14 (SB14) will showcase three unique exhibitions, curated by Zoe Butt, Omar Kholeif and Claire Tancons. The Sharjah International Fringe Festival is the first Fringe launched in the Arabian Peninsula. Across the two-day event, attendees are introduced to changemakers from around the globe, who share their stories and showcase the incredible potential entrepreneurship has to positively impact the world. The Sharjah Light Festival 2020 will formally kick off on 5 February with a exhibit on the architectural icon, Sharjah City Municipality building, narrating the history of Arab culture and its impact on the previous and present. SharjahEF will play host to a fantastic lineup of speakers from around the world to share their insights on all aspects of the entrepreneurship world. Show info () Now on air Check the sidebar for more informations. Opinion. The yearly Sharjah Light Festival illuminates all the city’s landmarks, with light and sound installations projecting incredible images and animations on the facades of buildings. Explore our shows. February 05 - 15, 2021. All Rights Reserved. The Sharjah Light kicked off on Wednesday (February 5) and the beautiful displays have been wowing crowds once again. What’s going to be there at SharjahEF for startup founders? The Sharjah Light Festival is a 10-day festival that features large-scale light installations and projections celebrating the emirate's achievements. July – August 2021. Middle East Show 06.04.2021-10.04.2021 05.10.2021-09.10.2021. Copyright © 2021 Sharjahef. • Twitter: https://twitter.com/sharjahef Held every year since 2017, the aim of this festival is to cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset and inspire the next generation of changemakers. The festival, which will run from February 5 until February 15, sees beautiful designs and patterns projected onto some of the emirate’s most iconic buildings. ... 6th Sharjah Desert Theatre Festival. Head to our official website: https://sharjahef.com/. There are 31 exhibitions, containing sculptures, calligraphies and other Islamic art, in the Sharjah Art Museum. Get exposed to new ideas Upskill your talents Business leaders hail social entrepreneurship approaches discussed at Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2020. Be it that dose of motivation to get you to follow your entrepreneurial dreams, or more in-depth actionable insights to take your enterprise to the next level, there will be plenty of entrepreneurs, experts, academics, and ecosystem stakeholders at SharjahEF to learn from. Books mean a portal, a gateway to another dimension. The Sharjah Book Fair is the largest book fair in the region and is also considered among the largest book fairs in the world. This stunning city promises something for everyone. The festivals in Sharjah are based on the principles of Islam, and people celebrate it with devotion and sincerity. Follow Us. Dianne Apen-Sadler. This major survey organised by Sharjah Art Foundation presents a number of the artist’s seminal works across film, photography and installation. Sharjah Light Festival 2020: Ten of the best snaps so far. Go on an epic 4x4 adventures. The festival is dedicated to enhance the media literacy of children and youth, foster children’s & youth’s creativity and showcase the very best in … Sharjah is one of the most culturally-rich places on earth, boasting more than 20 museums across its 2,590Km2, hosting art and artefacts from the ancient and modern worlds. Explore spectacular landscapes and vistas. There will be also a series of workshops happening throughout the course of the two-day event--these will be in-depth sessions that will touch upon a variety of topics aimed at helping startup founders reach peak performance. Sharjah is part of the United Arab Emirates, one of seven Emirates, which lies on the shores of the Arabian Gulf at the heart of the Middle East. The Sharjah Light Festival in its 10th edition presents a series of daily grand fireworks lighting up the sky to celebrate its “10 Years of Light”. 10 - D JOOREYYAH. This year, SharjahEF calls upon everyday heroes to solve the world's most pressing problems, as we begin the hard work of rebuilding our societies and economies post-Covid. More importantly, it's shown the innate potential everyone has to develop solutions to global challenges, given the right support . Besides the opportunity to interview everyone from leading innovators in this space to upstarts set to conquer the business arena, SharjahEF will also be hosting workshops for media professionals to build up their skillsets. Click here for the location on Google Maps. With the help of technological advancements, the decorations, lightings and musical celebrations are expected to be bigger and better than ever. WAM . Besides gaining a first-hand view to the selected 100 startups that will be showcased at Startup Town, SharjahEF will be a space where ecosystem stakeholders can network and collaborate with like-minded members of the entrepreneurial community of the region, while scouting for investment opportunities, or providing advice and mentorship as well. They learn about the nature of the ecosystem and how to navigate it. Mleiha Desert The Mleiha Desert offers more than you can imagine! Re-Discover the entrepreneurs mindset at Sharjah Expo on Nov 25th & 26th 2019. Get Tickets. Get Tickets. Sharjah Arabian Horse Festival 2020 International Horse Show. Rich in history and culture, Sharjah is the arts capital of the United Arab Emirates. • Facebook: www.facebook.com/sharjahef/, Look out for #SharjahEF #BETHEHERO #SEF2020. Sharjah’s 22nd annual Islamic Art Festival has opened. There’s 19 shows in total spread across the emirate. Where can I find more information about SharjahEF, and how do I get tickets? ... Sharjah Summer Festival. For details of the Sharjah Biennial 14 Opening Week and March Meeting 2019 programme, click here. This year, SEF will guide the attendees on their inner quest, leading them to find their innermost motivations and greatest sources of inspiration in order to achieve peak performance and elevate the entrepreneurial experience. Initiated in 2010, the Sharjah Light Festival (SLF) is an annual arts festival, that features a series of light shows across the emirate. Sharjah is one of the most culturally-rich places on earth, boasting more than 20 museums across its 2,590Km2, hosting art and artefacts from the ancient and modern worlds. Sharjah Book Authority is hosting one of the largest book fair festivals in the entire region at Sharjah Expo Center from 4 th of November to 14 th of November, 2020. Press Release. Well organised. 16 January - 1 February 2020. For museum and…, Sign up to our mailing list for updates from the Sharjah Fringe Festival, © 2021 Copyright Sharjah Fringe. You can interact with us on the following channels: • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sharjahef/ What hashtags should we keep an eye out for all things Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival. Now in its 10 th edition, the Sharjah Light Festival 2021 is all set to take the celebration up a notch. From world-class events, concerts and exhibitions, to award winning attractions, centuries old culture and the city’s best kept secrets – you’ll find it all in Sharjah. SILVER .
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